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    electric guitar -> mac (question about connecting and learning)
    I am just starting to learn guitar and am hoping that the garageband videos will help - does anyone have any reviews or feedback?

    Also, it seems the cheapest way to connect my guitar to my mac through the audio in jack...will this be sufficient? What benefits does connecting through the USB have?

    This is the setup I think I'm going to have:
    Apple - Pro - Techniques - How to Record an Electric Guitar on Your Mac, p. 1


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    That seems to be the simplest way in order to do what you need to do. It won't be of the best quality, but you can worry about that once the quality of your playing improves to the point where you want a better quality input.

    The USB is more suited for connecting audio interface devices (though Firewire is better) that convert the signal into digital format outside of the computer and then allow recording of that signal through whatever audio program that you are using to record. The soundcards that come with computers (Core Audio for Mac) are not studio quality as far as recording/playback go (particularly recording) thus the need for external audio converters.

    Hope that helps.

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    very helpful - thank you!

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