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    Making the Leap from PC to MAC. HELP!!!!
    Ok, so after years of recording on my modded PCs and constantly needing to pretty much go to anger management when I saw the H/W buffer error pop up a million times in the middle of a GREAT vocal take, I have become a believer. I MUST own a MAC.

    My question for you more experienced folks out there is... what MAC should I get? I would really like an IMAC. But if there is something better I would get THAT. I am running Pro Tools with the Digi 02 at the moment, but would surely switch to Logic Pro once I get a MAC.

    Basically I am asking for a shopping list. I know all there is to know about PC recording, so please forgive my lack of MAC knowledge.

    This is my first post in ANY forum anywhere so as you can see I am desperate. As for price range, just tell me what you think is the best.

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    A Mac is short for "Macintosh." It's not an acronym, thus it should not be capitalised.

    To put it another way:
    mac: a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
    MAC: a data communication protocol sub-layer, also known as the Media Access Control
    Mac: a brand name which covers several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc.

    Ditto for iPod.

    So, now that that's out of the way, welcome!

    It's hard to say what is right for you, but broadly speaking if you're doing music professionally, you'll want to focus on three models:

    1. The Mac Pro (aka The Tower)
    2. The iMac (aka The Best in Show)
    3. The MacBook Pro (aka The Portable)

    Obviously the Mac Pro is the most flexible and has the most capability of the three, but now's not the time to buy one IMHO. They should be getting a substantive chip upgrade later this year (don't know when).

    The iMacs are pretty darn capable all-around type machines, very flexible despite the lack of internal options, and recently upgraded. Beautiful, silent and effective, this would be my choice if I were buying today (I do radio commercials and other mostly-vocal stuff).

    The MacBook Pro is your lab away from home of course. Probably a better secondary computer than base camp.

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    +1 for chas_m.

    Do keep in mind though, that the Macbook Pros are way overdue for an update. We might even see i7 this time around.

    But yes, if I needed a Mac today, I would buy the iMac. If you can wait, the new Macbook Pros should be awesome.

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    it seems to me that you run a studio setup...the 002 is not a portable i would say the new iMac is your best bet...if you are interested in spending more...& need the power & expansion options...then you should look at the Mac Pro
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    Agreed. I mentioned specifically the kind of audio production I do (radio, podcasting) which I wouldn't call "really heavy-duty" and for which the iMac is ideal (since its quiet enough to actually use "in the booth" with you).

    For really serious audio production, I would definitely lean towards a Mac Pro for the reasons you mentioned.

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    If the 27" iMac screen is adequate for you, look at that with an i7 processor. The problem I forsee is that without the Mac Pro and the Mac Book Pro being updated, buying one now means you might end up with a slower computer than what could available in a very short time.

    The newest versions of logic are quite stable though and I was doing a pretty good job recording fairly large tracks on an old C2D MBP. The older versions of Logic before their upgrade to the "Studio" branding had some really crippling bugs, imo.
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    I too would look at an iMac in preference to the other models. But keep an eye on the refurb store for a MacPro as they are wonderous beasts, quite frankly. IMacs are fantastic. And you won't struggle on track count (I run 30+ channel mixes on a 2.1GHz C2D White Macbook and its fine!), although I believe PT LE limits you to 48 anyway?

    This is my other point, the only thing you want to change is your computer, it seems. I honestly don't see the point in changing DAW too, as PT is great (granted I use Logic, but still...) and you know it. You know what to do to get things how you want them, so why change and have to relearn all these things?

    My advice in short:

    Get an iMac, best spec you can afford.
    Stay on PTLE with your Digi 002.

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