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Thread: Behringer XENYX 1204 USB Mixer

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    Behringer XENYX 1204 USB Mixer
    Behringer XENYX 1204USB USB Mixer and more Unpowered Mixers at

    If I were to use this in GarageBand, How many channels would show under Input Sources?


    In the mixer:
    Channel 1 - Guitar
    Channel 2 - Vocals
    Channel 3 - Bass

    In GarageBand, would it show up as:
    Mono/Stereo 1 [Guitar]
    Mono/Stereo 2 [Vocals]
    Mono/Stereo 3 [Bass]

    I'm very interested in this product and would like to know if each channel shows up in GarageBand as its own track instead of every channel on one track? If you can help, it'd be greatly appreciated.


    If you know any mixer/interfaces or just interfaces with multiple inputs that have their own tracks in Garageband etc, definitely let me know! Thanks.

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    Yes it would because the above device is also an interface. If it were just a mixer, you'd have to hook up a line-in into your Mac and it would be only two channels (LR).

    For recording I would recommend this though:
    PreSonus Firestudio Project New Open Box and more Audio Interfaces & Convertors at

    If you have a firewire port and can afford it, it's the best. It has 8 (phantom) mic and jack inputs, compared to the above product's 4, and the pre-amps sound amazing.

    I would also recommend you switch to Logic, at least Express for this kind of multitrack recording. It's worlds apart from GarageBand.


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    Thanks for replying!

    I would get the Presonus but I can only pretty much afford anything from $200 and under at the moment. Plus, I record my friends' bands all the time, I go to their houses and what not so I need something I can carry unlike a rack unit such as the Presonus.

    I believe I have a firewire port, I have a Mac 2009 (10.5.8) Is there a difference between firewire and usb though? And as of using Logic, I think I used it before. I tried a variety of programs, but Garageband is quite easy for me to use for now. I hope to use Logic in the future though and learn it more.

    Other than that, do you think I should settle for the Behringer mixer/interface or do you think there is a better one out there somewhere? And so that I know for the future, ALL interfaces' channels each have their own assigned tracks on the computer?

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