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    Exclamation mixer to line-in, no audio..
    Hi, i am using a CD turntable through a 2 channel mixer, which i have linked to a mac os via a phono lead into the line-in. I have audacity set up to record from the line in, it is also set up correctly in Utilities.. However I can't get any signal at all into the mac, I have read that i should be able to get a signal straight through without the use of a pre amp (although i'm aware it won't be of great quality) however no matter what i do no audio will come through on any programme i use.. Am i doing something wrong?

    ..oh and it works the other way around (playing music from the mac through the mixer) therefore theres nothing wrong with the equipment i'm using.. Can anybody help???

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    Yes, you should get signal unless you cabled something wrong.

    Also, is your Built-in Input - Line-In selected in System Preferences?

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