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    Garageband songs
    Hi there,
    I'm new to garageband, it looks like a very interesting piece of soft...
    I was looking for some famous songs, with all the different instruments already listed, ready to download and play with on garageband.

    Anybody knows a good source?


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    ISTR that Nine Inch Nails released such a thing, and perhaps someone else, but I can't recall too many.

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    Feb 22, 2010
    i did a couple cover songs, just to see if i could, using only garageband sounds. they sound ok for the time i put into them but they could be better. the files are large and i don't know how to get them to you. the songs are: ozzy-i don't wanna stop and kid cudi-day n nite. let me know if you know where i can upload and share them if you are interested.


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    i would be interested in the kid cudi one.

    i think you can use Limelinx. they have a 100mb upload limit though.
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