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    Itunes External Hard Drive Creates Duplicates
    I recently reinstalled Itunes and all my music and media. I linked my library to an external hard drive so I wouldnt waste too much space on my MacBook Pro. I recently found that everytime I unplug the hard drive, for whatever reason, it creats duplicates in my library or at least it displays them as duplicates. Is there any fix and what is a work around that anyone may have found.


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    It really grinds my gears how people don't even take the time to look through the 5-6-7-8 threads about iTunes in this section of the forums.

    But then expect other users to take the time and help them out.

    iTunes by default copies whatever you throw into the library into its own folder on the internal HDD. To stop it from doing that you need to uncheck the little "Copy files to my iTunes Media blah blah blah" as seen in this picture. Which I posted now 3 TIMES!

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    Or, using Cdnalsi's helpful screen shot use the Change button to change the default location of your itunes media folder to the folder on your external drive

    If you have any trouble, just create an fresh library on the external (see this thread)
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