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Thread: Where do I start?

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    Where do I start?
    Hi. I've been playing guitar and bass for a while, have guitars, bass, Zoom 707 multi effects unit and combo amp and have had a bit of a play with Garageband on my iBook (G4 1.33, os/x 10/4/11). Can I use garageband as a recording studio, and how do I get what comes out of my guitars into the laptop.

    Any advice appreciated but keep it simple, I'm not very computer literate

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    You may need an adapter, I plug in the output of my Digitech with a 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter to the microphone input of my MacBook. It's something you can check out at any electronic or music store, very cheap though.

    Check out this Apple guide so you can feel safer Apple - Pro - Techniques - How to Record an Electric Guitar on Your Mac, p. 1

    Don't forget to tell how it went for you and ask if you have any software related question.

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