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    Lightsnake problems with mac and Garageband.

    I'm hoping someone can help me here.

    I picked up a Lightsnake, Condenser mic (Audio technica AT2020) and a Nady Audio Phantom Power Supply. When I set my sound preferences (not garageband pref's) I notice that the Lightsnake is putting out some kind of inaudible signal that fills the "Input Level" indicator, something I have no control over.

    Now, when I open Garageband and set my audio preferences therein, I find that I'm receiving the same signal, as indicated in the volume levels of that interface, but no sound whatsoever coming from the output.

    I've messed with the preferences in both Garageband and the OS. I have the output set as "built-in-audio" and the input set as "Unknown USB device", in both preference windows.

    I've looked at everyother forum with a thread similar to this and still can't get my Lightsnake to work.

    Is it possible that it's defective?

    I have a powerbook g4 and am running tiger, using Garageband 4. I've used this very same set up before with a friends Lightsnake setup and it worked find.

    Not sure what to do so I'd appreciate any help given.


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    I haven't had any experience with any of the gear you mentioned above, but from what I can gather, one of the devices is not recognized properly by OS X: Unknown USB device.

    You might want to search for some kind of driver. Until that is seen properly, I can't see your setup work.

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