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    sync error itunes
    I just bought an imac and have apparently messed something up already. In itunes when I sync my iphone it comes up with an error during the sync saying "itunes cannot sync photos to the iphone"triumphs iphone"because the folder"new folder" cannot be found. Somewhere I must have deleted a folder possibly from a file transfer from my pc, but I can't figure out where or how to make this annoying message go away and fix the issue. I already tried uninstalling itunes per apples web site, but there must be something I am missing to have this still come up. If I have to uninstall again I need to find the folder that is causing this problem. Any help is appreciated.

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    Yeah, it's not iTunes, it's the little folder.

    The only thing I can think of to do is go into your iPhone's tabs and uncheck all the syncs and then start off syncing one tab at a time and see which one gives the error. Could be music, could be videos, could be podcasts etc.

    That way you can narrow down the search for the infamous missing folder

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    Where does itunes get the info for the sync?

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