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    audio sync problems using ImageIP blur effects
    Help!! I am using the Tracking Blur effect from ImageIP and it seem to have caused my audio to go out of sync with the video. I first had to extract the audio, since without doing that I had no sound at all with any effects. I then applied the Tracking Blur effect to each of the clips. I noticed that now I had only one yellow stick pin instead of two for each clip and the audio was now out of sync. Any suggestions what to do???
    Also, by the way, is there any reason why when I make a DVD it seems to be now in black and white?

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    I have manage to solve the problem. It seems that when effects are added to imovie 4 (including Apples own effects) that the audio volume is sometimes reset to zero. If the audio is extracted first to avoid this problem and there are transitions between the clips, then when the effect is added there can be gaps in the audio tract. The solution is not to extract the audio first, but rather to go back and reset the volume in the timeline edit volume slider. this is clearly an imovie issue not ImageIP

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