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    Logic Software Instruments vs. External Programs
    A little background first: I have my own apartment band and I've been looking to get a small EP out in the GTA.

    I've had quite a bit of success using Logic Studio to record my acoustic/electric guitars and my vocals, but for some of my songs I've been looking for drum tracks. Thus, I tried to use Logic's software instrument capabilities to create basic beats by using my keyboard.... Not a chance, it turns out; it's almost impossible to stay on beat for an entire song.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for an external drum machine program that works well with Logic Studio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nohtanhoj View Post's almost impossible to stay on beat for an entire song.
    So now you know why professional drummers pull down the big bucks!

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    You won't need a drum machine. Audio Quantize in Flex Time is your best friend for staying on beat in Logic.

    From the Apple website: "Audio Quantize lets you fix the timing of an entire performance in one step, aligning notes and beats to a musical grid. Want to match your bass line to the feel of your drums? You can transfer the rhythmic feel of one track to another by creating a Groove template from the source track and applying it as a grid."

    Logic 9: Tips for phase-locked drum edits
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