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    Jukebox software for Mac???
    Hi all,
    I am a Mac newbie (just bought the 27 inch quadore iMac and love it but struggling)

    Does anyone know if there is any kind of software that can allow me to set it up as a Jukebox so that my patrons can select tunes to be played??
    I have all my music now on the iMac but would like to put a MacMini in my bar with some method of allowing patrons to select the music they want to hear.

    Something like the Touch Tone Jukebox software for Windows which does it using a Touch Screen. Apple may have some other way of doing this.

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    Why not just let them pick tunes at

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    If you have any iOS devices you can use home sharing and iOS remote app for this purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mixmaster View Post
    Yes, Jukebox Home Edition at:

    Jukebox accepts single song requests and includes a design for touch screens.

    I can find absolutely ZERO information on the website about how the application works or what it does. No screen shots? No description?

    Not a chance that I'm downloading an app from a site that tells me absolutely nothing about it.

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