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    Storing podcasts on external harddrive

    I hope someone could help me with this problem. I have a rather large podcasts collection and would like to just store my podcasts on my external harddrive. Is it possible to just store my podcasts without moving my whole itunes library?

    I don't know much about macs, so please be very specific. Thank you so much!


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    The best option is to "break up" your iTunes library into smaller libraries (plural).

    Pressing "option" when launching iTunes gives you the choice of either creating a new (empty) library or choosing an existing alternate library. This choice will "stick" until you launch iTunes with the option key held down again.

    So for example I've made a library of music, and another one of radio shows. You could easily do the same thing with podcasts.

    You could also COPY (repeat COPY, not move) your iTunes library as-is to the external drive, and then use the "option" trick to tell iTunes to use the copy from now on. Obviously you MUST have that drive mounted BEFORE you launch iTunes, but if that works for you, once you've copied and re-pointed the iTunes app to the "new" library, you can delete the old one.

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    Not sure that will work...
    That is an interesting solution, however will that allow one to sync both music and podcasts to an iPhone or other iDevice? If they are in separate libraries and only one of the libraries is in use at any given time, it would seem that only the items from the active library (either music OR podcasts) would be able to be synced.

    The other solution would work for moving the entire library, but not for moving ONLY the podcasts, unless I'm misunderstanding something (quite possible).

    I'd like to do the same thing as OP, because I want to keep my music on the main drive where everything is backed up multiple times, but would like to keep my podcasts on an external drive to save space (I don't care if my podcasts are not backed up or only backed up once; I do care if my music is not backed up or only backed up once.)

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