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    Streaming audio for long distance Sound editing
    I am actually producing an album for a friend who lives about 5 hours away, and I would really like for him to be apart of the post production process at certain points of mixing. My question is how can I go about doing this? I was thinking of using some sort of screen sharing program like gotomeeting, and possibily even skype. Are these programs able to share applications and audio to that extent? Is there a specific program that is able to to do this? To make things even more difficult I have a mac, and he has a pc. Thanks in advance :-D

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    Okay so that's a no. Is there a program that let's me let him listen to my mixes without him having or being able to download them?

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    Just because you didn't get an IMMEDIATE answer doesn't mean there isn't one.

    Skype doesn't do screen sharing, but iChat does it just fine. Sadly, the screen sharing only works Mac-to-Mac. Maybe he should get a Mac (hey, it's a solution -- and your friend would be better off!).

    As for the mixes, yes you could easily "broadcast" selected tracks in a manner not unlike making a small "internet radio station." All he'd need is internet access and the IP address of the stream. Rogue Amoeba makes a product called "NiceCast" that sounds like its exactly what you are looking for.

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