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    Artwork issues with own songs in itunes
    I have a load of songs I've bounced from Logic to itunes and when I go to add artwork the artwork and lyrics options are both greyed out. I've checked the files in finder and they're not locked or read only... Not sure what could be the problem, anyone shed any light?

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    The obvious question is "what format are they in?"

    Some can accommodate artwork/lyrics, some can't.

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    Jul 24, 2009
    I have them in both WAV and AAC... they're pretty standard formats, I doubt they should cause problems. I've also recently discovered the same thing on a couple of other tracks that aren't mine... it won't even let me delete them

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    WAV as far as I know does not have any place for lyrics/artwork. AAC does however.

    From your other comments it sounds like some of your files have permission issues. You may want to try repairing permissions -- can't hurt, might help.

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Right, cheers for the responses. How would I go about repairing the permissions?

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    Oh yeah, sorry ...

    In your Utilities folder, you have an app called Disk Utility. Open it, select the name of your hard drive, press the "repair permissions" button.

    Not a bad idea to do this every now and again, maybe monthly at most.

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