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    Question 2009 Garageband sound issues
    I'm a songwriter and i have about 10 good songs now that i just need to get recorded and onto a CD. It doesn't need to pro, but i wan't it to sound as close to how it would sound as if i were playing piano right next to you. I tried recording using the pre-set settings, no effects, and record "acoustic instrument". To my dismay, when i would listen back, the quiet parts were almost inaudible, and the loud parts sounded too loud for my speakers at any volume level (i could just hear crackling, i believe its called "peaking"). I then tried "automatic adjust" for the mic. maybe it would be more sensitive during the quiet parts and back off during the loud parts. I even tried setting my MacBook on top of the piano, on the bench with me, next to the piano, etc. while recording. Nothing changed from my first trial and error. I use a new MacBook Pro, with the internal mic. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get Apogee's ONE unit!!!!! it is worth the $250!!!!

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