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    Black Out Screen For Radio?
    I enjoy listening to music on my Mac, Pandora, CDs, etc. and I'm wondering if it's possible to turn off my screen entirely while listening. I understand that the screen uses a lot of energy even if I turn the brightness of the screen all the way down so in the interest of saving energy, can I just turn it off but keep listening to whatever I'm listening to?

    I searched for info concerning Mac users who are blind, figuring that blind persons may have a way of turning the screen off because totally blind people wouldn't need it on in most cases. But I wasn't able to find info about turning the screen off there either.

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    I found the answer myself a few minutes after posting the question above so, no need to reply! I found that if I just set the screen to sleep after it' inactive for just 1 minute, the screen turns off but my glorious music stays on!

    Sorry for bothering you to read this thread but, maybe it will help someone else? I hope so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isomer View Post
    I understand that the screen uses a lot of energy even if I turn the brightness of the screen all the way down so...
    You understand incorrectly, but I'm glad you found a solution. You can also set a hot corner, which is a lot less annoying when you're working on the computer.

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    Here's how I do it, slightly different from your method:

    1. Start up the radio program in question.
    2. Hide it (this is so any changes in status won't disrupt step three)
    3. Set a hot corner to sleep the screen ONLY.

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