I am new to this forum and new to the Mac world. My husband has used Macs for years but he is stumped with this one too. I searched this forum and several others for an answer and couldn't find anything.

I am using the iTunes that came with iLife '09.

The problem I have is converting songs in iTunes to mp3s that will work on a PC and my Palm Treo Pro. I think I have checked all the settings several times. The Preferences are set to "Import using MP3 Encoder". I make the files and they appear with a .mp3 at the end. The only problem is they don't work on anything but a Mac. I have sent several different files to friends and myself (to my pc and directly to my phone) but only Mac users can get the files to play. My Pro, Windows XP, and Windows Media Player doesn't recognize it is a valid file nor does a PC running Linux recognize it. The friend with the linux box looked a little deeper into the file and found that it is a "AppleSingle" file which is the newer version of the "MacBinary" encoding.

I have been trying to find a solution for a couple days and have tried several different ways. If you have any suggestions on this problem, please post them. Also, if you have any suggestions for another type MP3 converter that I can download to the Mac that can pull and convert songs from iTunes, I would appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,