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    Midi Question
    Hello everyone. I am trying to trigger a sound clip using MIDI. I need to figure out how to assign a MIDI note to the clip itself. I have all the software that comes with Leopard plus Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe CS4 (Full). Can anyone tell me if this is possible with any of the software that I have? Heres what I have going on.....

    Going to send a MIDI signal to my Macbook Pro via a MIDI to USB

    From there I want an audio clip to play when it receives this note

    I need to assign the note to a sound clip, can anyone help me out? Thanks for any help. Matt

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    FCS and CS4 don't support MIDI. You need GarageBand (not sure) or Logic (will do it).
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    It also depends on what kind of device you are using. Or do you have a device at all?

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