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    Red face Windows media encoding on a mac for streaming
    Hi all,

    This is my first post so forgive me for any windows based in disgressions....

    Right, i am currently developing a DJing website for a client which must run on windows server which isn't a real problem. The real problem is that 2 of the DJ's that wanna stream to the server use OSX while all the others use windows and currently use WME to encode streams to windows server. Is there any software for the MAC which will allow MAC users to stream to a WM server?

    Sorry if this is a little obscure if need anymore details let me know

    Help and Thanks


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    Shouldn't be any problem if you're on OS X, which is simple UNIX. It's not the platform you're on, it's the transport protocol you're using. Mac's can see Windows servers just fine.

    As for encoding, you're Mac's may need one of Telestream's products. Perhaps Flip4Mac with QuickTime Pro. But saying they're using WME is like saying their using QuickTime, those are front ends for libraries of codecs. What specific codec and settings are they encoding to?

    But for what it sounds like, it's not an ideal set up to start with. But that's what you have to work with.
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