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    Question Which version Zoom H2 audio recorder software works for 10.4.11?
    Hello -- any Zoom H2 digital audio recorder owners out there?

    I just bought a Zoom H2 digital audio recorder. It came with a 1GB SD card.

    When I hook up the USB cable from the H2 to my ibook, nothing mounts on the ibook, so i can't transfer files from the Zoom's HD card to the computer.

    So I visited Zoom's site. They have a list of software versions (or is it firmware? I'm not sure how they're categorizing it) but nothing clearly shows which version would work with 10.4.11.

    There is one version that is described as having been updated to work with system 10.5 but I'm cautious about downloading that for fear I'll load it into the SD card, then it won't work and then I'm screwed.

    Also while it tells you to load the software (aka firmware) onto the SD card, there are no instructions on how to do that.

    Add to this the fact that I don't have a card reader. (Although i read a forum in which someone said they stuck the SD card into their digital camera, hooked it up to their Mac and the SD icon mounted on their screen, to which they then dragged the firmware icon, and loaded it fine.)

    I am quickly discovering that the Zoom support is not great. But that fact aside, anyone know which version of the firmware would be right for me to put on that SD card? And am i right that I actually need a card reader (or cleverly substituted camera) to load the card?

    Thanks very much.
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    Hmmm...I wasn't even aware there was software -- I just plug mine into my MacBook and it mounts.

    Why not just get a card reader? Only ten, fifteen bucks...

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    I think you're right -- there is no software. that was my misinterpretation of something I'd read on the manual. I think it may have been referring to firmware.

    That said, still having the problem of the SD card not mounting on my desktop.

    Normally, you're supposed to run a usb cable from the H2 to the ibook and (in theory) the SD card in the H2 mounts on the desktop. Sometimes this has worked and sometimes it hasn't. It's the "hasn't" that's confounding me. I've tried more than one SD card, and again, it works sometimes and other times, not -- so I can't even blame the SD card, the cable or the ibook.

    As far as buying a card reader, yep, that seems logical. It's just that, you know, you buy something (the H2) and you expect it to live up to all its features' promises, without having to tack on extra expense, time and energy to cover its underperforming ***. Other than that, the H2 is dandy.

    If anyone out there has had such problems, or can offer further insights, let me know, thanks. If all else fails: card reader.


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    After further frustration, I decided to try a different USB cable -- one that came with my digital camera. And yep, the H2 mounts on my ibook just fine now. Sorry for slamming the H2 -- but it did come with a faulty cable, so I guess some slamming was due. It's a great device and -- other than this particularly flawed cable -- truly handy. Thanks to Dauber for being a voice in the wilderness.

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