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Thread: FL Studio 9 on the Mac - does not run smoothly

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    FL Studio 9 on the Mac - does not run smoothly
    Hey all, I'm a recent switchover to mac user, and also music producer, and part of what I used to use was FL Studio (fruity loops). I have the parallels program, and so far everything runs pretty good on the virtual pc, but the FL STudio is pretty bad. It chops in and out with the audio, doesn't run very smooth at all.

    Is it because its thru the virtual PC, and thats just how it is? I have the 27" 3.06ghz duo, 4gb, 1TB HD iMac.

    Any suggestions or FL Studio equivalent would be greatly appreciated!

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    There is not really an equivalent to FL for mac just because FL is very simple. In my mind the best production programs for mac are Reason and Live. Reason definitely being the one closer to FL. But Live is still awesome, Live recently released Live 8 which is a amazing app. But if you want to stay closer to FL then i would go with Reason. Just because of the "rack" setup it has. I made the switch from FL to reason a few years ago and i tell you it is hard but i do think it was worth it very much.

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