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    Can you run Logic Pro 9 on Mac G4
    I've recently purchased a used power mac APG g4 400mhz that had 512mg ram I now that I know what program that I want to run the studio pro logic 9 I've expanded the ram to 1k but I'm running OSX 10.3 I need to run OSX 10.5 or better question is can this computer be upgraded to 10.5 and is the speed fast enough I don't want to waste my time and hard earned cash if it won't help I was thinking about getting a refurbished mac g5 once again if anybody can help me out I would appreciate it from one musician to another

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    Simple answer: no. As per the system requirements here, Logic Studio requires an Intel processor which a G4 does not have (it has a PowerPC processor).
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    You need a minimum 1.25GHz G4 PowerPC just to run Logic Pro 8 alone! You could run an old version of Logic 7, but personally i reckon that you would still have problems with that 400mhz processor! If you want to run Logic studio 9 your going to need at least a 2GHz Intel Mac!

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