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    Trying to listen to BBC radio
    OK...My wife likes to listen to the BBC & RTE radio on her computer. She has for years. When they were using real player it worked fine. Now they have changed to I player & it plays choppy....Goes for let's say 20 seconds stops then starts where it left off. I think the internet connection we have is doing it since it's dial up. That's all that we can get right now. They're promising high speed in the future. Is there another player I could get to listen to the stations or is there a way to fix this.....Thanks

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    There should be an option in the player window to use a lower bandwidth option. Have you tried that
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    Tried that. Is it possible to use another player like real player. That worked before they changed player.

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    The BBC are 'considering' allowing other countries access to iPlayer. The system runs well generally, but can buffer when you start watching a programme or listen to a radio prog. Picture quality is excellent, the programmes are usually available for one week, as is the radio.
    Have you tried the podcasts? Although many podcasts are now being changed, instead of the whole programme they are only recording 'the best bits.'

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    live bbc radio
    hello all, the best and easiest site to listen to live bbc radio is:

    You can easily stream bbc radio channels + sports in or outside the UK. You will find all channels in both real media, and windows media player. It also works very well with any internet connected mobile device. Iphone compatible.


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