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Thread: iTunes Music Folder on External Drive

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    iTunes Music Folder on External Drive
    I have an external drive holding my iTunes Music Folder on a PowerPC G5 (not Mac Pro). I now have a Mac Pro, and I want to have it point to the Music Folder on this external drive. I'm not looking to share it, at this point, I just want to know how to get the new MacPro to point to this music folder. I see a lot of articles on moving the music folder or starting a new one, but nothing about getting a new mac to point to an existing folder on an external drive.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Sharing your iTunes collection

    The following assumes you want to keep all your iTunes music and movies on a shared folder and ensure new music is always stored there, and that you want to share the iTunes library among multiple users

    First, you need to consolidate your iTunes Library to a folder you have chosen (let's say External > Media).

    Select the command consolidate library from the File Menu > Library > Consolidate Library (or from the Advanced Menu in iTunes 7). This will copy all your iTunes media to the shared folder and link the iTunes library file to it

    The library library file (the index as it were) may still be in the Users > Me > Music folder of your mac G5.

    If you want this file on the external as well as well, copy it to external iTunes folder, start itunes with the alt key pressed and you will have the option to select the library file now on the external

    Select the library file you just copied and now both your music and the library are on the external

    You can now use the same alt key trick on the new Mac Pro to get it to use that library file and link to all the music on the external

    You may need to alter the permissions on the library file to make sure everyone has read and write access to the library file
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    Thank you!!!


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