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Thread: Presonus Inspire 1394 --> Macbook

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    Presonus Inspire 1394 --> Macbook
    Merry Christmas everyone !

    As a present my parents bought my a Presonus Inspire 1394 4x4 Firewire computer recording system, for my guitar. Now, it came with 2 discs. The 1394, which installed successfully and is running. The second is the Cubase LE4 disc, which is the actual software, not the program. When I insert the disc it all works until I come across a .mpkg file, when double clicked it says it cannot be opened. I downloaded a freeware program called Pacafist which specializes in opening these up, but when it comes time to get the code and stuff in order to enable the software, it's just tons of random letters and numbers.

    What can I do to open up the .mpkg file, and have all the contents left as they were.

    Ps, my Mac is 10.5 and it requires 10.3 or higher, therefore, I know it's not that I need an upgrade. This is the only problem I have blocking me from completing the installation of this device. Please help. I've already did a

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    First, make sure you're on 10.5.2 or higher version of 10.5. And that is for the hardware only, check for a Readme file or something like that on the disk for system requirements for the software.

    Second, the .mpkg file is an installation package file, it's not something you "open", it's an application that "runs". Pacifist will do you no good unless you're a programmer and want to screw up the installation package file. Try copying the .mpkg file to your hard drive to run it from there. Otherwise contact PreSonus about it.

    PresSonus' site says it comes with Studio One Artist, which is what you should be using, not Cubase.

    If it did not come with Studio One Artist, then they got a super old box! I'd contact PreSonus for the Studio One Artist software if you don't have it.


    I will say this much, PreSonus is top notch, I use a FireStudio in our professional media production studio for recording music. Great hardware!

    I'd also strongly recommend looking into Garage Band for your recording, too. You'll get much more use out of that than the cheap Cubase software (which I personally think stinks).
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    Actually I just emailed PreSonus about how to get the Inspire 1394 to record into Garageband, for my own loops and recording. I'll check for a Studio One Artist and if it's there I'll try that over Cubase.

    I was also on the phone with Apple last night due to my original account not allowing me to run updates or run the .mpkg or .pkg files, and they got me to create a new account and all went well, except I can't find a way to transfer EVERYTHING to this new account so I can terminate the old one. I don't really wanna mess around with an EHD to transfer it all, tips ?

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