I am looking for a good headset (USB highly preferred) that will be used primarily for gaming and recording audio for youtube videos. From what research I've done it seems like the Logitech G35 is perfect but it doens't look like it is mac compatible . The others on my short list are the Razer Megalodon, but I've heard a lot of complaints about the mic portion of and a persistent "hissing."

Tritton headsets seem mac compatible, and I've heard good things about it, but when I checked the driver update on their site it seemed only to be for windows, so that had me confused / apprehensive about buying it. I don't know which model to buy, as the macs lack an optical audio port.

So looking for any input on USB headphone/mic combos I haven't considered, or if anyone has had experiences with these? Having a good mic on it is key, as I don't think the built in one on my MBP and iMac are going to cut it for recording audio for youtube / podcasts, and I havne't tried it for gaming, but I am assuming it wont' be as good as a dedicated USB mic/headphone unit.

I am leaning towards the megalodon, I read one review where a guy was able to use it with his mac no problems, and it seems to have a good mic, but I am sure theres other people out there that have faced the same problems and I would really love some input from someone who actually has used a mac with these things.