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    Exclamation shortcut to renaming files in I-tunes
    I have recently important tons of my downloaded music files into itunes and some of the names did not convert correctly. Many of my files came in with the name and artist in the Song Title column while the Artist is blank. Is there a quick way to split the title and artist information rather than having to go through and retype each one separately?

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    If you right click on your song, select Get Info, and the Info tab, you can select (highlight) the text in the Title field that you want to move, then drag it over to the Artist field/column. Does that help?

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    Yeah I knew about both of those. I was looking for a quick way to edit a bunch at a time becuase I have A TON!

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    i do shift click on one and then on one below (to select the songs you want)
    then hold 'apple' 'i' (to change info on all of those songs)

    hope that helps!!
    if it doesnt make sense tell me and ill explain more clearly!!

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