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    iTunes downloads and track previews very slow

    Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem with iTunes. During the past week or so it has become very slow. When previewing tracks in the store it will only play a couple of seconds before it has to buffer again, and downloading is taking an age, i.e. i started to download the NFS Shift (180mb) at about 12. Its now 14:40, and it has done 85mb and says it has 3 hours remaining. Similarly, 1 song is taking a good 40 mins to download.

    Im pretty sure it isn't my internet, as email and web browsing seems to be fine. Streaming online videos (youtube etc.) is working fine as well.

    Anyone else having this problem? And has anyone got a solution?



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    Mike, YES I am having exactly this problem! No solutions but would like some help....

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