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    Protools vs Pro logic
    hi everyone I'm new to mac format but not to music recording I like to pose this guestion to the mac community I like to know which is the better program between Protools LE and Pro Logic 9 I know both are excellent programs I was told there are some small differences like if you use Protools you can't mix with another system but you can with Pro Logic? I like to hear from users of both systems on the Pros & Cons and what they like and don't like

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    I realize that you are looking for a comparison. I've not used Pro Logic but I am a ProTools LE user and am not sorry about my choice. I'm using it with an MBox2 and except for the lack of 64bit support, have no complaints. I purchased the bundle since I also use the MBOX with Final Cut Pro.

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    Both are very good pieces of software, but I lean more towards Logic. I haven't used the latest version of Pro Tools LE (i think the last I used was version 7), but I personally found it a little annoying to use. I can't quite put my finger on why, but thats just how I feel.

    Getting an M Audio or Digidesign interface and software bundle is nice because it cuts down on the initial hardware and software investment. The downside is that Digidesign only allows their own hardware and certain M Audio products to be the front end of a Pro Tools system. Logic will allow (I'm pretty sure) any any audio interface assuming you have the proper drivers installed.

    Also, Pro Tools LE is much more limited compared to Logic Pro. Pro you get more mixing and routing options, Flex Time, OMF/XML/AAF interchange protocol (an extra charge to get it for Pro Tools LE), an awesome selection of plugins, Main Stage, Apple Loops Library, and well, more stuff that Pro Tools LE doesn't have.

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    Though i'm a Logic 9 user and I've never used Pro Tools (but do have M-Audio equipment), I just compiled this list from searching online:

    1) Ties you into their hardware only.
    2) Seems to charge extra for the simple things like MP3 export ability, OEM export ability, etc....
    3) Runs on Windows and Mac.
    4) The Metering is pre-fader. (Not good)
    5) More steps to set up a 'reverb bus' (Not Good)
    6) Bounces to disk in real time converts in real time (Not Good)
    7) Not as simple and easy to use as Logic
    8) Is looked at as an industry standard.
    9) Pro tools offers certifications. They have different rankings. Usually the classes start out at roughly $1000 but to completely learn pro tools gets up to $10,000.

    1) Mac usage only.
    2) Has at no additional costs some of the best plug ins and effects (none of which require activation or registration).
    3) Is controlled by Apple so updates are easier to download and be more stable.
    4) No need for a dongle.
    5) Can handle midi better than protools.
    6) Requires 50+Gb HD space for all samples and libraries but can be installed on an external HD
    7) Apple offers 1 year memberships for $99. You go in once a week for an hour and learn logic face to face with an expert.

    here is some more info on this topic from this forum...
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    I work as a recording engineer and FoH engineer, and in my personal experiance logic pro is a better format, due to its flexability also it is very straight forward and has alot of online support.
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    In comparison of the both, it is more of the interface and the requirements they need. For Logic Pro, the interface is somehow similar to the Garageband and is more easier to use. For Pro Tools, it is more of those who requires the analog part of the process in making music. Its interface is more complex, however also as convenient as Logic Pro. It is still up to you which one is better for you because different products are suited to different preferences

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    I've used both, and have taught new users both, and find Logic to be MUCH faster and easier to learn. Remember that Logic Pro also recognizes all Pro Tools hardware automatically.
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    Dark Child would to thank the following members for sharing there expert advice and experince with me MacPro, Steelcityrocker, Juke179r, G1ztehfox, Fayneloves, BenB keep up the good work you make my decision an easy one

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    Logic 9 for me. I myself to am new to Mac, but not recording. I've sworn by Cakewalk for and Sonar products for years, but now I can safely say Logic 9 was the best purchase I've made.

    I even thought Garageband was descent for professional recording, but by far Logic 9 a whole league of its own

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    I've used just about everything, and Ive yet to be unimpressed with Logic Pro. Its rock solid, and really user friendly, plus you can use it with any hardware you want. You can even mix on the go if you have it on your need for special hardware (mbox..etc).

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    Something else to consider is the use of MIDI in both programs. Logic Pro, I find, has a much more sophisticated use of it's MIDI programming than Pro Tools. The same thing with Pro Tools and it's audio management. So it depends on how much MIDI you plan on using in your projects. Something to consider.

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    Hmm tough question. As I look through some of the responses I get some good ideas. I have been trained in and have used Pro Tools pretty exclusively and have been run through a detailed course on Logic, but I (personally) am a Pro Tools guy. I think Pro Tools has offered some simplicity for me and for some reason I wasn't as fully impressed with the feel of Logic. However the biggest downfall to Pro Tools is that only digidesign hardware works with it. Logic has a wider selection of usable hardware options as well as plug in options.

    the only other issue for me with Pro Tools has been the dongle issue. I understand it is used as a security measure to prevent piracy and so forth but I mean if I am mobile working on something and I forget it I am screwed.

    Pro Tools is my way to go because I have relied on it and have such an in depth look into it.

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    I can't compare since I have never used Pro Logic. However, I'm going to school for radio, and the university I go to teaches Pro Tools. I am 100% satisfied with Pro Tools. I'm currently running a podcast on Pro Tools and have been doing it with much ease. It sucks that you have to buy an Mbox to run it, but it's a good investment. You can find one on Ebay for less than $150. So far, the problems have been very minimal.

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    Pro Tools and Logic both are great programs. I have both actually and I use Pro Tools more for editing and mixing and I use Logic more for composing/recording. but really they are both powerful audio tools and make great tools to have at your disposal.

    If anyone out there is interested I am willing to do any recordings or mixings for free for them. I'm just starting out, and I don't have a lot of experience but like I said I have Pro Tools 8 and Logic Studios and I'm also going to Full Sail University for the recording arts, send me an email if interested at

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