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    Having few problems while moving PC-To-MAC for recordings
    Hey there people.

    As you can see, I'ma new member to this forum and I'm also new when it comes to join the Mac and I'm currently loving my move. I got a mac mini currently with the specifications which can currently run Garageband and can also run Pro-tools & Logic Express. I was using PC's for about 6 years for recordings of vocals consisting of singing and also raps. I have being in a steady learning curve in terms of knowledge with studio equipments and so on forth.

    Well firstly, Should I stick to Garageband or Should I upgrade to either Logic Express or Pro-Tools? If I should upgrade, which is better Pro-Tools or Logic Express? I have heard and read on some forums and blogs that Pro-Tools more based on audio recordings meanwhile Logic Express is built for MIDI's.

    I'm also currently looking to upgrade my audio control interface. I'm currently using Edirol UA-20. Can anyone recommend me an interface? I'm currently thinking about Native Instrument's Audio Kontrol 1, I have read few blogs & forums and show quite a lot of good feedbacks and reviews.

    Thank you very much for reading and I will be looking forward to your replies.


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    Welcome to Mac Forums Faris!
    Just curious, but what program did you use for 6 years on a PC? I'm just asking because I came from using Cubase on PC to now having Logic 9 on my MBP.
    Garageband is a great program for tracking basic arrangements for songs.
    With Pro-Tools you will need to use only M-Audio gear with it.
    Logic, to me, is the big dawg. I am still learning it even from the days of starting out with Logic 8.
    Basically, it's all about what you want to do with your music.

    As for audio interfaces, I will always buy a Firewire interface. Here is a list of FW interfaces from Tweekheadz Lab
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    Welcome Faris,

    I agree with Juke179r, there are different strokes for different folks. I am a ProTools user and I have the Digidesign MBOX2 interface. The MBOX also works well with FinalCut Pro / Soundtrack Pro. I've not used Logic, although I am interested in learning more about it. I'm an audio engineer of more than 25yrs. both studio and live and I'm amazed with what I can do with ProTools LE. I would have liked the Firewire capability but at the time didn't have the extra $$ for the Digidesign firewire box.

    Hope this helps!


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    Dec 20, 2009
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    2.26 Intel Core Mac Mini & 2GB RAM
    Thank you for the replies guys.

    I have being using Cubase on PC. I have also being using Adobe Audition on my laptop as well because it was much easier to operate and to achieve what I need when I usually move around places. I usually record demo's and mix tapes for people that I work with. I believe that quality of recording mixing and mastering is quite essential for me.

    I have also heard a lot about Digidesign MBOX2 interface. Some engineers and producers have recommended me to using this interface with Pro-Tools. I haven't really done much research on the interface yet.

    Thank you for the help guys. I will be updating my status and I have subscribed to this post so, anymore posts will be read and appreciated.


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