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    Question about podcasting / general advice needed about web hosting services
    Ok, so I just switched to macs 2 months ago. Loving it so far, but theres a few things I don't knnow how to do, or am not sure the best way to do it.

    I want to make a podcast, or atleast know how to make one, and it seems that I'll need a webhosting service to do this? Will a home server work (a project I am starting this weekend, going to be trying to install ubuntu server on my old PC)? If that doens't work, what is a good website and domain name site? My main concerns are, in order of importance: amount of server space, amount of monthly bandwidth (I don't plan on having a high traffic business website, but I'll want to use it for some backing up and media sharing, maybe a blog, and maybe for podcasts), and of course it has to be a stable company that wont fold on me in 3 months, have good up/down speeds, near 100% uptime, and be affordable. This is just a hobby so I can't be spending a hundred bucks a month on maintaining my website.

    Also, is there a way I can see if my ISP will allow me to host my own server? That'd be the best way I think, then I can control everything and don't have to worry about others. Though of course I'd lose off-site backup, but thats a small price to pay. I should be able to juse open port 80 or 443 to host my site, and as long as theres not a ton of traffic I should be relatively ok, right?

    I am new to servers and this entire side of computing, so sorry if I come off sounding clueless. I am much better at being an end user

    And I just gotta say, this being my first post and being a recent switcher, I love, just LOVE macs. So glad I made the move.
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    I have my own dedicated server, from which I run several sites and casting software - using Nicecast on my mac and Cast Controll on the server.
    Is this a one of broadcast you are doing or will it be ongoing - if ongoing, how often?
    If its a one of, I may be able to host / run the cast for you.

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    As far as your ISP letting you tun a server check their web site. Many providers will specify whether or not that's allowed in the user agreement for the type of account that you have. My last provider would not allow accounts to run home servers unless they shifted from a residential account to one of the business accounts which allowed more bandwidth per month. That was a few years ago though so things may have changed.

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