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    Question Have mac. Have audio speakers. Wireless connection?
    Hi all.

    I am not computer savvy at all, so forgive my complete ignorance....

    I regularly try to listen to subliminal hypnotherapy MP3s on my ipod while I sleep. But I've never been happy with the setup because I can't ever get to sleep with the MP3s already playing, the sound keeps me awake, and I don't know how to switch them on while I'm asleep. LOL. I really need the tracks to start while I'm already asleep. I only have an iPod shuffle, but from what I understand, even the latest iPods don't have MP3 multi-alarms. And even if they did, I couldn't afford one anyway.

    I tried using the iCal functions on the Mac which allows event alarms linked to MP3s but the Mac waking up and running (fan) in the bedroom with me is just far too loud.

    So, I am looking for the cheapest way to have my Mac in another room and have it's iCal set up to play multiple MP3 track alarms during the night but have the sound played in my bedroom. I already have some speakers with an input jack next to my bed which I used to plug the ipod shuffle into. Is there any little gizmo I could plug into the speakers I already have which would pipe in the sound it was receiving wirelessly from my Mac?

    I have no idea if such a thing exists. I know there are wireless speakers, but I already have speakers. I'd just like to have them wirelessly receive from the Mac.

    I'm in the UK so if any of you tech wizards know of a (cheap as possible) solution and a UK source for such a gizmo - if it exists - or any other possible solution I'd be hugely grateful if you'd let me know.



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    You need an amplification source for your speakers, so why not use an FM radio. Plug the speakers into the radio. Tune the radio to the appropriate frequency to receive a signal from an FM transmitter (C. Crane Company - Digital FM Transmitter - Toll Free (800) 522-8863) that's plugged into your Mac's audio output. That should work.

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    Ah, FM transmitters, nice idea. I had no clue about this. Thanks VG. I can many such cheap items like this on Ebay that I could use They are usually used for ipods and the like to play through a car radio, but there's no reason I can see that I can't adapt it for my purposes.

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