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    Amateur Guitar player/ Interface, I-drums and Logic Express question
    I am a guitar player and I have just bought a Mac with Garage Band.
    So far on my old Sony Vaio I have just recorded some songs with 2 or 3 guitar tracks (at different times) but I'd like to be more professional.

    First of all I simply used to plug my guitar directly to the microphone plug and record (Cool Edit Pro).
    Do I need to buy a particular piece so I plug the guitar there and then from there into the Mac?

    Also I am considering to buy I-drums to have fun making some drum tracks and maybe later I'll buy Logic Express. I know that I-drums works under Garage Band and Logic Express.
    My question is does Logic Express have something like I-drums? If so I would just buy Logic Express now instead of buying I-drums+Logic Express.

    Thank you everyone!

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    Well if you bought Logic express you can still use mic input on your mac to record with, or you could buy an interface.. but if its just you recording your self then the mic input would be fine I'd say
    As for the drums I wouldn't worry about I-drum, Logic has a pretty good drum machine in it, and has a fair few decent kits with it. I'd buy logic first then if your still interested in i-drum the you could get it.

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