I have upgraded to Version 9. Somehow all my playlists, (about 5 years worth) are in a file titled "Previous Playlist Libraries" in the section of my HD under users> my name> music> iTunes along with my other iTunes stuff.

I have tried several times to use the procedure in Article HT1451, "How to recreate your iTunes library and playlists". This put everything in my Version 9 iTunes that was in my older Version 8 iTunes except these Playlists.

I also tried to add them to my iTunes 9 using "Add to Library" under File and Library>Import Playlist under File. I receive an error message reading "the file does not appear to be a valid exported file"

The icon for each of these unmovable playlist files is a sheet of paper with a turned down corner and a music note on it. My "Get Info" calls these files an "iTunes Database File".

How can I get these these playlists into Version 9?

Any help will be appreciated.