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Thread: I dont want MP3 CDs

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    I dont want MP3 CDs
    I've been burning CDs for my friend who had a newer sound system in his truck, but for whatever reason he downgraded his radio which doesnt play mp3 cds. I dont know of any other format CDs that are made, or how to make any other format CDs. I have the 24" iMac. Can anyone help me?

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    If your ripping CD's from original's just copy them in iTunes or use a program like Burn.
    Alternatively use MAX to make FLAC copies, but you will need Burn (or Toast) to make CD's.
    All CD's are AIFF files as standard.
    If you are burning CD's for him from MP3 files, then that's what your stuck with, you could convert the files to something else, but that's called transcoding and they sound dreadful.
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    Instead of an MP3 CD, you could burn the songs as an Audio CD. Granted, you're severely limited in the number of songs you can put on a disc, but it will definitely work. Just create a new playlist, throw in less than 74 minutes worth of music, hit Burn Disc, choose Audio CD and then hit Burn.

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    Yep. If you have toast, choose to "make an audio cd". Even if you are going from mp3, it will play in a "normal" cd player. In terms of sounding cr@ppy, I presume anyone happy to listen to mp3 quality is not going to notice a huge drop in quality, especially in a car with outside noise, engine etc..

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