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    Air Tunes Issues

    I am brand new to this forum. I probably should have joined a long time ago. I hope I can be an asset and not only an information gatherer.

    I just installed an Air Port Express by my receiver in my AV closet so I can stream Pandora & ITunes throughout the house all controlled by my MacBook. So far it is working fairly nicely but I am having issues with audio drop out. I am using a program called Air Foil that allows sources other than ITunes to use the Express as well.

    I have my MacBook hard wired by Ethernet all the way back to the AV closet where the Westell router from FIOS and the Express are located. There is also a Linkksys router at my desk by the MacBook that is in line as well that I use for my VOIP phone from T-Mobile @ home. I have Ethernet running from the Express to the Westell FIOS router in the closet and I think the capability is there to have the whole deal wired instead of wireless but the technician from Apple couldn't get it working and blamed it on some internal settings inside the FIOS Westell router.

    Anyone have any suggestions to resolve this? Should I call FIOS and have something tweaked inside the router? The audio drop outs became more frequent later last night to the point that I want to fix it now. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    How about a system redesign - u seem to have lots of units doing little bits setting up little bottlenecks while the system resolves hand over issues. Can u have one Modem/Router doing all the DHCP. I have a fixed LAN address for my Grandstream VOIP ph but have it plugged into my Time Capsule and all the LAN is thru the TC which in turn is on ethernet from Linksys modem/router which does the DHCP.

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    Thankls for the response. How far is NZ from Tampa? Are you too busy this weekend to help with the redesign? lol

    I'm not sure how to eliminate any of the gateways. I have Ethernet running all the way back and I just want to take advantage of it.

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