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Thread: Making Bass tracks and mixing music

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    Making Bass tracks and mixing music
    I use to have a software on windows that could make bass tracks, tones, beats and could mix, slow down, ect to music. It was a really simple program to use and worked GREAT. I wanted to see if there was something really simple like this for a mac I am sure there is.

    I just don't know what it's name is or what it might be called.

    Any help would be great.

    P.S. Garageband does not seem to do the bass stuff at least not that I have found.

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    Hard to know what you mean by "Bass stuff". Ableton live is an amazing program, you can get the lite version for around 250 as far as I know, though don't know if you would class it as "easy to use". It's considered easy compared to other DAW's. If you said what the windows software was that might help people help you. (not me personally I don't know anything about windows)

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    Well half of my stuff just disappeared. So I'll have to re type ALL of it....

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