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    iTunes annoying me
    iTunes is annoying me, it has done for ages but now I'm getting fed upo with it, but it might just me being stupid.

    The Mac Mini lives in the AV stack in my living room.
    I play all my music through the "hi-fi" (showing my age there )
    When I use iTunes I pull the music from the hard drive of the PC in my radio shack.

    Now here's where I think I need help.

    To get to my music, I have to connect to my Firefly media server running on the PC. When I click the Firefly option I connect to Firefly without problem but all the tracks are ticked to be played.
    I don't want this. i want to to be able to search my music (over 500 Cds) and only play the albums I want to play.
    So I have to "Select all", then "Untick selection" every time.
    Is there a way to make it so when I connect to firefly I just get the list of track and not have them all ticked?

    Also, I would like it so that iTunes sees the music collection on the PC's hard drive as it's source. At the mo I have to import the music across and this will take forever, this I why I connect to firefly.
    It would be nice for itunes to see the music on the PC and display it as though the music is on the Mini.

    On other music packages, you just tell it where the music is kept and that's it, all done.

    Is there an (free) alternative to iTunes. I'm only sticking with iTunes because I love the visualiser. It's stunning, but if something easier to use comes along I'd happilly switch.

    I only use itunes to play music. I don't buy music off the iTunes store, I don't watch videos or web casts etc using iTunes. iTunes is purely for listening to music. I don't even need album art displayed.
    I just want to be able to search for an album and play it.


    PS... It might be that I eventually install all the music on the Mini's hard drive and use a media server on that to feed my wi-fi/internet radio device in the bedroom. The Mini is never turned off, it only ever goes to sleep, so if the server can be kept running when needed it would save my running my lees efficient PC as the media server. I have to test first before I do this.

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    Songbird is probably one of the more popular alternative. There are others. Google them I'm tired. >_<"

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    Can you not use iTunes on the PC, enable music sharing, and then when you connect the Mini, it should just read iTunes under the shared library, form where you can select by album, artist or whatever.
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