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    mac recognizes cd tracks while windows does not...
    I am really confused, because I was putting some cds into my downstairs windows computer and they were all unknown unless hooked up to the internet to get the data using windows media. Even opening the folder showed that it was nothing but track 1.cda

    but on my mac opening the cd folder tells you the cd name/tracks and does NOT need to be connected to the internet to the know it, so I am baffled.

    plus I don't believe it grabs all the stuff the itunes get info tab knows.... by default even before you burn the cd

    I need to make a master of my own cd to send to a duplicator, and can get my cd to have all the tracks/band name/ composer data on mac...... but I am just curious

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    I note the files are in .cda format, which is not audio, but a means of getting to a CD index. See

    Also, see what happens on your Win computer if you try using VLC player instead of Win media.

    Are you trying to make a data CD or an audio CD?

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    I am trying to make a cd of my personal .wav files in itunes to send to a duplicator, and it needs to retain the band name tracks, and the add/ info like composer,

    so an audio cd

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