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    USB to MIDI cable
    Hello, I've just bought a Logilink USB to MIDI cable for my digital piano (Technics P50) to connect to my OSX laptop. However when I play the keyboard I am only able to play one note at a time and even then it is intermittent. I was lead to believe it was a simple 'plug and play' device and I can't seem to find a way around it,

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nov 09, 2009
    ps. I'm using Garageband at the moment.

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    Nov 18, 2009
    same here
    the same thing is happening to me. Additionally, I notice that one input is available when plugging in the midi.... should it be 16?

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    Sounds like a latency issue. You need to find out where in the preferences or setting you can set the latency for the midi in/out and set it higher than it currently is set for.

    This is common problem with trying to us a standard computer for midi work. If you set the latency too low you get cut outs pops crackles lots of bad things happen sound wise... if you set it too high your system will sound great but you will start to notice a lag time between when you press a key and the time you hear the sound.

    what you both describe sounds like the value is set too low.... you will also likely find that if you set it where it work for you now that in the future if you use different software or change your system that the latency will have to be readjusted again. If you were serious about setting up a midi system you would be wise to setup a computer for that purpose alone and once you got it where you wanted you would never want to change anything... getting a low latency is the goal and any little change you make, sometimes even software updates not related to your music software can mess things up.

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