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    Hi all - a couple of questions: I just spent a fortune on a 17" MacBook Pro specifically as the core of Pro Tools LE 8 and the center hub for related applications and processors, both plug-in and outboard hardware. This machine really was the missing link; I have a decent small but growing microphone locker, one really good stereo preamp that's more like a channel strip in that it has built in limiters and basic parametric EQ (a Langevin Dual Vocal Combo). To round out the input chain I have a dbx 166XL compressor/limiter/gate that I use very sparingly, mostly for vox and acoustic guitar. Sparingly is the key - if not careful, these dbx units will be pumping and breathing like Jennifer Gymshorts in Dad's Chrysler after the prom.
    For final master mixes I use a Izotope Ozone 4 multi-function plug-in strapped across the main stereo bus for a touch of reverb and compression. This Ozone compressor is so good that you can squash the daylights out of a signal and it won't distort like many hardware compressors would - it'll just be squashed flat and lifeless. If ever there was a time for moderation, my friends, it's with compression.
    So anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about my rig - the Mac is truly fast, powerful, classy, and rock-steady, A substantial step up from the SONAR/PC combination I used for years, and the ProTools - well, that's taking a while, but I'm tracking and working, which is what's important. Also, a big difference is that I'm able to work at 24-bit, 88.1K sample rate, which has made a difference in clarity, crispness, and depth -- and is something my PC rig just could not handle. It would freeze and stutter and do all kinds of weird stuff.
    So I'm wondering: #1 - is there a simple way to shut off my Mac's internet connection? I only need it to upgrade and wish to avoid malware, spyware, etc. I'm connected thru a belkin wireless router. #2 - I just bought a blu-ray disk player that allegedly plays all kinds of high res music (for the home stereo - centered around a most killer Denon receiver that allegedly supports any format you can throw at it w/HDMI and that I bought at the very end of Circuit city's bankruptcy and closing sale. At the last minute, when there was more garbage than product, I spied a Denon AVR-988, normally a $1200 receiver - new in the box - for $350. Oh yeah.). #2b:If I bought an external Blu-ray recorder, could I burn, say, dts HD master audio and Dolby True HD? Are those separate software programs? Would I expect them to be bundled with a BD recorder" Is it possible in any way to burn music at at least 24/88.1 and listen to it played back on my serious listening living room rig? Or better yet, on anyone else's who had a compatible blu-ray player!
    I got started with blu-ray with a PS3, as so many do. At the time, it was the cheapest route and the higher quality gaming was just gravy. Now, just two days ago, I bought a blu-ray player - a decent one from Panasonic, not a cheapo, dubious unit at all - for a mere $169. It was on sale from a normal $249, but the trend all around is down, down, down. The $200 Sony is near - I just got impatient. The Pana is a thin little unit - only about 1-1/2" at most thick. It's a normal 17" wide, but only about 9" deep. Slick.
    If anyone has ideas about transferring high res music via Blu-ray, let's talk. Get some collective ideas rolling along.
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    wrong pic, mans.
    That other photo was my guitar rig for recording - I wanted to tell you about it in another post. Oh well: it's a Blackheart amp (made by Crate) that has one EL-84 power tube. Switch it from pentode operation down to triode and it pumps out a glorious 3 watts, with a nice breakup with the guitar volume up. Sounds best with single coils, but amazing with the mini-humbucker I put in the Tele as well. Not a screaming Les Paul unit, but as fine a blues/rock tone as I've heard. The speaker in the combo on top is unplugged in order to get the full glory of the 12" Blue Celestion AlNiCo I put in the homemade cab on bottom (copied dimensions from 12" Boogie open-back cab).
    The best way to play it is with a Fender; directly in with no pedals, etc. First, turn the guitar volume all the way down. Then, crank the amp ALL the way up (in 3 watt mode). Finally, make your tone come alive withe volume knob on the guitar. Simply turn it up until the dirt level feels good and punch it! So here's the shot of the studio that I meant to send w/the other post:
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    Only trying to help here, if you want folks to actually read your posts, maybe check out this post.
    I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    Only trying to help here, if you want folks to actually read your posts, maybe check out this post.
    Thanks for posting that bobtomay! Definitely the way I feel sometimes when when I see a post like this!

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