Hey there!
New to the forums, and to garageband, please forgive me if this information is posted elsewhere, but Im really short of time to search for it!!
I am a singer, and trying to record my old minidisc backing tracks from my minidisc player, using a lead direct from the player into the headphone socket on my macbook.
I have been told it is possible to record the tracks on to Garageband, by setting up a recording channel (I am unsure how to do this) and that Garageband will automatically format it into an MP3?
If anybody is aware how to do this, is there any chance you could let me know, step by step how I would do this,but all joking aside, please could the instructions be super simple, so a three year old child could understand, as technology isnt my strong point!!! I think I have one of the most up to date versions of garageband, as only purchased the Macbook three months ago!
Thankyou in advance for any help!!