I am going round in circles trying to get a CamTwist/Ustream rig together on my MacBookPro. The real issue is with Soundflower/Ustream. I've looked through the forums here, read all the Soundflower and Ustream stuff and still stuck. Ok I admit I'm a dummy. Now can anybody help - preferably on a phone/Skype talkthrough?
What I want to do:
sources into CamTwist: Quicktime videos and DV camera. Video on these work ok. I hear the audio as it is being played too.
audio sources into Soundflower (though I am not sure they are going in at all): Quicktime on the Mac and audio in from my external analogue sound mixer.
Ustream shows the video as delivered from Camtwist so no problems there - just audio problems. Ustream shows Soundflower in its audio list but no sound comes through when you select or use either 2 ch or 16 ch. Ustream does however accept the built in mic which ofcourse hears the audio being played. Can anyone give me a dummy's guide to routing audio correctly using these sources and system? i.e. get Quicktime audio from the movies and my sound mixer into Soundflower and Soundflower then into Ustream? I'll post my contact details if anyone can help.