I notice that when I upgrade iTunes it removes, what seems to be randomly, songs and albums, from my library.

I had 6 albums by the band Air in my library. When I upgraded iTunes I had lost 5 albums. They are still on my external HDD, so all I had to do was reimport them. However, what a pain!

I had an album by the band CSS, and it removed all but 1 song from the library. So, now I have to go and find the album and reimport those songs!

I have approximately 10.000 songs in my library. I don't know what has been removed or not until I notice that a song or album is missing.

Does anyone else experience this? Do you have a workaround?

It ends up that I hesitate to upgrade everytime. Then I do and I have to waste my time rebuilding my library.

Maybe I could just save my library just prior to upgrade and then reinstate it once upgraded?