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    Copy MP3's to Windows Mobile device?
    Is there any way I can just copy MP3's to my Windows Mobile device (T-Mobile Dash) from my Mac?

    I plugged it in via the USB cable hoping the 2GB MicroSD card that's in it would show up like a USB flash drive, but it didn't.

    Is there a free easy way or should I just get an external card reader?

    I don't care about syncing anything else..


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    The easiest way, in my experiences, is to get one of those USB flash sticks that you can put your memory card into.

    It'll basically be a USB flash drive, just have it formatted to FAT32, and it'll act like a flash drive. Once you put your music on it, just take it out and put the memory card back in your phone.

    That's what I used to do.

    Furthermore, you can get a separate card reader, or check out The Missing Sync.

    Missing Sync works very well with Windows Mobile. I used to use it when I had my Windows Mobile 6 smartphone.

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