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Thread: Problem with Logic 8 & Motu Traveler

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    Angry Problem with Logic 8 & Motu Traveler
    Hi everybody, hoping some brain out there can help.
    I am running Logic 8 on a 1.5 Ghz PowerPc G4 and using the Motu Traveler Firewire interface.
    Logic stops with alarming frequency and a dialogue box comes up that says: Logic Pro: Disk is too slow or system overload.
    This happens all the time irrespective of amount of audio tracks being used, and when I am using no plug-ins at all. If I don't use the Traveler it doesn't happen which would indicate to me that there is some problem with the Motu and Logic and/or the Mac itself.
    Any thoughts out there please?

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    Was it working without error before? If so, there might be something wrong with your hard disk. Try opening Disk Utility from your Utilities folder, selecting the hard disk you’re recording to, and click Verify Disk. If it finds an error, you can insert your OS X Install Disc, restart, and run Disk Utility there to repair the disk.

    If it was never working, perhaps your hard disk simply isn’t fast enough for the amount of information being written to it during recording. Honestly, this is beyond my area of expertise, but you should try the Disk Utility method above just in case there is something wrong.

    Update: I’ve just done a quick search for this error message, and it brought up quite a few results. One result in particular had information that might help you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Eriksimon
    You should first probaly have to alter your audio buffer setting in Preferences>audio. First try a setting 1 step above what it is now. If it already is 1024, set it to 32, try, check, fiddle with the buffer setting until the problem is gone OR until you find the setting that has the least trouble, whichever applies first. On fast newer (intel, G5) systems it seems that turning the I/O safety buffer OFF yields the best result.
    (From the second post in this thread. There are also many other search results for this error message.)

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