Hi all,

Although I use iTunes, I really don't use it for much other than syncing my iPod Touch and purchasing music I don't already have. I've come to a time where I've found I'm not sure how to make iTunes do something I want (if it even could)


Currently I have my library on my system, my wife has hers on her system - no big deal, exactly what we want.

We have a rather large collection of CDs that we haven't really touched in a while, some are "just her" music, some is "just my" music and some we both like. just her, and just my is easy, it's the ours that I want to talk about.

I have a NAS drive we both have access to. We would like to rip our CDs w/ appropriate track info (album art, etc.) and store it on our NAS drive, but not to our individual libraries and then we can at our individual leisure choose what songs/albums we actually want in our individual libraries while having all songs/albums available to the system that is hooked to our sound system and TV.

iTunes wants to add the songs to our private libraries when we rip the cds. We don't want this - at most we want to rip to a spool folder on our local computers than move the hierarchy up onto the NAS for us both to be able to access.

as far as I can tell, the only solutions I could think of so far is:

1) Use some other tool to rip the CDs that would also obtain track info, album art, etc.

2) Setup user accounts separate from our normal ones on our respective computers - log into those accounts, rip the cds, then transfer the appropriate subfolders to the NAS - since we wouldn't care about these temp account libraries getting bloated it's no big deal (except for the time it would take to log out of main, log in to alternate, do the ripping, log out, log back into main)

Is there another option available? I don't honestly use iTunes enough, and in searching Google, I couldn't find any good results based upon what I want to do (most I found were regarding sharing an entire library and such which is not what we want to do)

Any thoughts would be most appreciated - I know this was long winded - I see the problem clearly in my mind, explaining it tho is a different matter