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Thread: tryna download battery on my macbookpro

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    May 27, 2009
    tryna download battery on my macbookpro
    hello all i just brought battery and im trying to download it on my macbookpro when i start my computer and click on the macintosh hd icon its says i have 79gb available, but for some reason when i insert my battery cd it then says i have zero kb available anyone familar what could be causing that?

    furthermore when i start the download it stop halfway and say i need to select a drive with approx 11gb confused because my harddrive barely has anything on it with 79gb free

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    Apr 07, 2009
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    I'm confused as well - what battery CD and what is it supposed to do?

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    May 20, 2008
    WOW...I'm very very confused!

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    I'm pretty sure he means Native Instruments Battery, it is a drum VST used for DAW's like Fruity Loops, Reason, or even Logic.

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