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Thread: Traktor 3 Crossfader problem

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    Question Traktor 3 Crossfader problem
    Howdy, I am just wondering if someone knows how to resolve an issue with the crossfader in Traktor 3 on a MBP? I checked their website and manual but I cannot get this resolved!!! Here is what I have from the manual:

    21.4.9 My Crossfader doesn’t work – I hear Deck A (B, C, D) playing
    on both sides!
    Very likely you decoupled the assignment of the crossfader accidentally.
    Open the DeCKs panel in the DeTAIls seCTIOn.
    Assign the small leftward pointing arrows to DeCK A and C.
    Assign the small rightward pointing arrows to DeCK B and D.
    Do the opposite for a “Hamster Switch” like found on most hardware mixers.

    FYI: I don't have an external controller yet, so I don't if this crossfader only works with an attached controller.


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    did you try wat the manual said

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